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CCTV Camera Power Supply

Power supply is one of the main part of a CCTV System, but it’s quality is ignored often ignored. The quality of supply used always determine the lifespan of a CCTV System.

CCTV Camera Housing

Housings are used to prevent a box camera from harsh weather, they come in various sizes according to the requirement. Even some housings may have heater & blower for extreme cold conditions.

CCTV Camera BNC Connector

BNC Connectors are used to terminate the CCTV Coaxial cable. They are used at both the DVR & camera end. These connectors are majorly used worldwide for video cable termination.

Only Brass Centered connectors should be used, as they provide quality transmission & they are not prone to rust.

CCTV Camera Power Connector

They are used at the camera end to terminate the power cable. A good quality connector eliminates to service calls due to connector loose issues.

CCTV Camera Audio RC Connector

They are used to connect camera audio to DVR & connect DVR video & Audio to TV’s AV point.

CCTV Camera Audio Kit

These are very small audio mics, with amplifier circuit attached to them. They are installed along with CCTV camera’s to record that area’s audio via DVR.

CCTV Camera Cable

Cable is the most important part of CCTV System. Taking best camera with low quality cable makes no sense. High quality Copper cables should be used for video transmission.

Below is cables to be used according to distance between camera & DVR :

a) 3+1 Cable – Max. upto 300 ft

b) RG6 Cable – 300 ft to 600 ft

c) RG11 Cable – 600 ft to 1000 ft

d) LAN Cable – It can be also used with Video Balun for longer transmissions.

CCTV Camera Cable Management Box

These are junction boxes to be installed at the camera end, so that the connector joint resides inside the box. This reduces service calls & the installation looks good.

CCTV Camera Connector & Label Pack

This comes in various packs of 4, 8, 16 & 32 Ch system. The pack comes with all required connectors in the installation of a 4, 8, 16 & 32 ch CCTV System. It also has labels (CAM1, CAM2 etc) for labeling the cable at both ends, reducing the service time in future.

CCTV Camera DVR Safe or Enclosure

DVR installation often looks unsystematic with all the cables lying unorganized. The DVR safe or enclosure serves the purpose. All the cables & power supply are now inside the box, which gives a very good look to the entire system.

At the time of theft it also helps in keeping the DVR safe. (As now a days DVR is also stolen leaving no clue behind the theft)

CCTV Camera Indoor/Outdoor Scanner

An Scanner is a rotating platform, on which camera can be mounted. The area’s where only an overview is important, scanners comes into role. This reduces the number of camera’s.

They come in indoor and outdoor variant as the name suggest for indoor & outdoor use.

CCTV  Camera Stand

Mounting of a camera or it’s housing requires a stand. They come with all adjustment knobs for adjusting the angle of the camera.

CCTV Camera Stand long type

Camera stands of approx 2 ft length are widely used in area’s where ceiling height is very high or camera has to be mounted far from the wall, for getting the view required.

CCTV Camera Warning Sign Board

These are PVC/Metal boards indicating the existence of CCTV, to deter the suspect & inform them that doing burglary at this location is risky for them.

In some countries, it is must to place a warning sign board prior to install a CCTV.

CCTV Camera Hard Disk

An Hard disk is the heart of a CCTV System, always use surveillance hard disk, which are made to work 24 X 7.