Key for CCTV Camera to be succeed

  • A CCTV system is not a physical barrier. It does not limit access to certain areas, make an object harder to steal, or a person more difficult to assault and rob. This does not mean it is not an example of situational crime prevention. It is highly situational, and as will be shown, does have some crime prevention capacity in the right situations.
  • Although CCTV Camera installed has many functions, the primary preventative utility is to trigger a perceptual mechanism in a potential offender. It seeks to change offender perception so the offender believes if he commits a crime, he will be caught. In other words, CCTV aims to increase the perceived risk of capture, a factor which, assuming the offender is behaving in a rational (or limited rational) manner, will de-motivate the potential offender
  • For this crime prevention process to succeed, two elements must exist one is The offender must be aware of the cctv  cameras' presence and The offender must believe the cameras present enough risk of capture to negate the rewards of the intended crime.