Increasing Need of CCTV Camera's

  • According to industry estimates, the global video surveillance market is expected to grow from $11.5 billion in 2008 to $37.7 billion in 2015. A 2013 New York Times/CBS poll found that 78% of respondents supported the use of surveillance cameras in public places, and authorities tend to point to spectacular successes
  • For example, crucial images cameras provided of the  bombing suspects or the identification of those responsible for the Coimbatore Bomb Blast. Still, concerns remain about systems’ potential to violate personal privacy as well as their overall cost-effectiveness.
  • A 2013 India Tribune opinion piece quoted a city spokesman as saying that surveillance cameras helped solve 4,500 crimes over four years, but the writer notes that more than a million are estimated to have taken place over that time period — meaning that the cameras’ contribution was 0.05% at best.