We AGAL TECHNOLOGIES started at 2007 as Web based Security service Provider in Coimbatore.We always believes in HARDWORK, PROFESSIONALISM, FRIENDLY ATTITUDE. Being united as a team enables us to grow and meet the needs of the clients.Our services not only ends up with just installing CCTV Camera's.

Our Team

We work in very unique way which converts our clients into long term customers.We are small,tiny team,hiring only the finest professional and it reflects on the outputs we deliver.Agal Technologies always ahead with latest technology.We are waiting for the opportunity to use our experience on your next project.


As opposed to other companies we do not set reckless prices for our services.Most of these companies are just resellers without any experience and understanding of market and its prices. They set whatever prices they want and unfortunately their prices are far from reality.

Actually there are very few serious companies in the market offering a full range of CCTV services which they provide on their own. Owing to high quality of our services and our global approach we have so many customers that we are able to support low prices. Our rates are spectacular. We offer such great rates because we can deal in volume.

Closer to the Customer

Agal Technologies provides insight-based, integrated Services and has the strength, scale to engage in truly strategic partnerships with Customers, ensuring deep understanding of their strategies and systems. This knowledge, along with our proprietary technology and proactive talent, enable us to share superior insights driving sales and keeping valued shoppers returning to their stores.

Why Choose Us

  • Proactive Thought
  • On Time Every time
  • Closer to the Customer
  • Flexible Payment method
  • Leading Edge Technology
  • We care about what we do

For Instant Quote

When you choose to do business with Agal Technologies you are partnering with a company who cares.

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